Rough Waves          Sunset over Turbulent Sea                                Lonely Walk on the Beach          Walking Hand in Hand on the beach          Sitting Under the Arches           Zen           Lazy Summer Day          Quality Time           Laguna Rocks          Watching the Waves            Crows Conversation          Contemplation             Boy on a Bike           Argument on the Beach           Walking in the Rain                                Tuscany Evening Stroll                                Sunset                                Summer Afternoon                                Strolling on the Beach                                Solitary Walk                                 Blue Sunset           Parilous Journey                             Paddling in Laguna Beach                             Searching                             On the Lookout                             Lone Paddler                             Laguna Beach Paddling                             Krishna Looking Out to Sea                             Gulls on the Beach at Sunset                             Flirting on the Beach                             First time Boogie Boarding                         Boats at Sunset Newport Beach

I have made my giclees available on my web site. If you are interested in an original or a different size print,  I can make those available. Just contact me with the dimensions you desire.